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An Unusual Home That Expands Your Life Span In New York it was very dated it hadn’t beenrenovated or updated most likely An Unusual Home That Expands Your Life Span In New York since itwas designed it had been terribly dark very little tinyrooms oddly proportioned and you reallydidn’t get a method of how beautiful thebackyard and the web site was the mostenjoyable a part of performing on thisproject was working with friends WHO Iknew well however I failed to apprehend that theywere getting to take the leap intoactually committing to such a generousand fantastic project you came up with arange of schemes my favorite one wasreally radical and they were very opento it it was a extremely hearteningexperience to take a house see thepotential add a touch bit but simply openit up in an exceedingly really new way and i reallywanted the light to filter in and be themain player within the main space thisproject really took place from theclients commitment to reduce palettestarting with

I suppose thatit works well with the reduction ofmaterials and therefore the straightforward pallet theretons of storage that is often a goodthing to possess and i believe that it workswell as being the middle of the projectand the island where people can gatheraround while people ar operating in thekitchen the eating space is in the spaceof where the kitchen used to be so whenwe displayed the house you’ll reallysee the proportions of L-shaped cornerlent itself to having a dining areathere so the new addition that issort of the rec room and the largedoors which open on to the backyardreally Lent itself to being connectedwith each the eating room within the roomthe lounge i’d say is that the most likethe space that it had been originally thefireplace is actually in the same placebut we’ve really changed up the wholeidea of what the fireplace is inside theroom the large piece of limestone abovethe fireplace is part that


adds avery delicate materiality it’s virtually likea massive piece of part and then the remainder ofthe pieces area unit black and steel which area part of the reduced pallet of materialthat we’ve chosenI think I have a awfully trendy approachand a kind of project like this isactually right up my alley however it’s noteverybody’s taste and a few folks want alittle additional components to be additional to createthe house feel right for them thecontractor and his team have reallystrong skills within the craftsmandepartment and they were the ones thatwere ready to bring this project tofruition because the overall result isvery minimal you do not see heaps of theelements that facilitate to make this workdoors attend the ceiling tracks arehidden the quantity of exactitude that ittakes so as to try to to details like thatit’s one thing that is abundantly half ofthe project from start to finishthis project was a true joy to figure onreally it absolutely was one in every of those projects thateverybody came together everyone reallysaw the vision and everyone was puttinga hundred percent towards making it workI would saythe saddest part is that it’s overyou


awaiting the arrival of thenext stage that is illumination this isthe supply of the foremost Associate in Nursingxiety in mycreative life currently illumination followsan vague amount of incubation it'sthat beam of light shining down from theclouds upon the patch of Earth you'venever seen beforequite often I want i am approachingillumination only to be pushed back butwhen concepts begin to reveal themselves Iknow that illumination is near usuallythese thoughts or as Wallace calls themtrains of association precede anotherround of ideas that press a littlefurther forward and eventually to thesolution and in conclusion there's verificationwhere we have a tendency to take a look at and fine-tune the thought forsome this is a neater method thanothers the unconscious processes thatdeliver the well-lighted concept to theconscious self haven't done all of thecalculations necessary to prove theideas valid or even good for meillumination doesn't drop a fully formedidea on my desk I actually have to figure at itbuilding layer upon layer of tracetesting and sketching and applyingphysical effort against this urban center thearchitect of the vietnam war Memorial inWashington likens her process to that oflaying an egg the essence of herincubated concepts combined into a singularpackage that desires little care orguidance to express her original intentwithout limits or laborious edges however can weeven judge the success of onearchitectural answer over anotherconstraints square measure necessary for our workto exist whether

completely invert themoften the best answer is that the simplestthe one that involves the fewest movesthe one that is most pure and the leastconvoluted what answer would requireno tools to construct however concerning the onethat children may build what is thefree resolution what if you were financingit would you are doing it differently keepremoving variables a library while notbooks a theater without screens what'sthe one factor that if removed wouldrender everything else pointless there is really nothing new during this worldunderstanding this could free you tolook to the solutions alternatives havedeveloped before you nature abstractionart photography movies light peoplematerial Instagram Pinterest books thesite Maps colours wind ocean toolsmovement emotion weather smell shapeother professionals other disciplinesalthough it's been done before it'snever been done by you which is oneof the most liberating concepts once itcomes to setting off on a replacement project sowhat will all this lead well I don'tknow and that is the fun half I supposemake sure you're subscribed and thatyou've hit the notification bell soyou're notified whenever I transfer newvideos and you'll follow along as Ifigure out this next design challenge besure to inform Maine in the comments thetricks you have got for transitioningbetween one project and another we'llsee you once more next time Cheers An Unusual Home That Expands Your Life Span In New York


An Unusual Home That Expands Your Life Span In New York if you've styleed anything in your lifewhether it's architecture graphicsinteriors whatever you recognize this feelingwhere you've got invested all of yourcreative efforts into our project and asit's wrapping up and you're kind ofputtering about grasping in any respect thesmall details and final tasks what'sleft to be donenot needing to formally finish itbecause it means that you'll need to getstarted on it next project that iswaiting or looming in the backgroundit's this strange mixture of excitement anddread the most gratifying and terrifyingpoint in the timeline of design it's attimes like these where doubt starts tocreep in and you start speculative youknow am i able to do that all over again whatif that was the last smart idea i will everhave do I still even have what it takeswill it be sensible and and thus if it isgood will it be higher than the lastproject if you felt this manner within the pastor if you feel it immediately you'renot alone i would era with you as I'mgetting able to begin a brand new project soin this video i thought i might speak abouthow I agitate this and the way I find newideas there's a term coined by ArthurKessler in his book the act of creationknown as by Association now he has avery wordy definition of it however simplyput by association is that the linking of twocompletely separate unrelated ideassimple right so how will it work inpractice well the planning for the SearsTower in Chicago by Bruce Graham andFazlur Khan of Skidmore Owings andMerrill is a perfect example so there'sa story that the two partners


they're economicdevelopmental legal formal materialclient-driven or United Stateser driven ortechnological and when i'm talking concerningconstraints they're quite simply aneed for a home or a requirement for a schoolthe questions you wish to raise square measure deeperthan that constraints area unit opportunitiesfor us to initiate and limits topush against however would possibly you cleverlysubvert a constraint like an area or avolume restriction or a stylistic roofslope restriction what if you'll onlyuse technology to unravel your problemwhat would that look like what if I werebuilding this remotely and could useonly one material and it had to bebrought in by helicopter thus you knowwhat they assert about goldfish right theygrow to the dimensions of the tank thatthey're in well a similar is true foryour design work set aside eight hoursto complete a series of style ideasand magically you may take a piece day tocomplete the task when i'm stuck andlooking for inspiration i prefer to cutthe time I've allotted in [*fr1] if you'vededicated eight operating hours to createthree concepts currently you merely have fourwhat are you going to got to dodifferently to accomplish your goal inhalf the timeideas are everywhere but we want tocondition ourselves to receive them payattention to the things that you'vemissed as a result of you have been therefore busyfocused together with your head down on the pagein front of you zoom out look at thingsfrom a replacement perspective i'll alwaysremember the first day of my high schoolphysics category our teacher lit a candleand placed it on the work bench andchallenged us to put in writing down eachthingwe could about the candle every physicalobservation we could think of so colorshape height flame wick dripping wax allthe obvious descriptors I ran out ofideas in in all probability but a minutealong with most of my classmates soafter doing this we then each read aloudour observations and accomplished that wehad recorded the same dozen roughly of themost obvious




features that's it theteacher says then he simply leaned inand puffed on the flame and of coursethe flame moves and wisps of black smokerise from it and he says anybody havethat observation on their list and fromthere he proceeded to return up withanother twenty-four around descriptors eachof which was plainly visible but all ofus had lost them as a result of we we have a tendency toren'ttrained to observe profound architectureinterprets the globe for U.S. how canobserving what is already there make fora higher building okay have you ever everdone this trick where you turn handswhile you're brushing your teeth try itthe next time you're brushing justswitch hands see how tough such asimple task is when you completely fliphow you are accustomed doing it you actuallyhave to trust it currently with thistrick you do what everyone else isn'tdesign the anti project can public beprivate up be down stage be audienceopen be closed big-ticket swapped forinexpensive serious for light and this isa game you'll be able to play on so many differentlevels including eliminating all theconstraints we spoke about earlierwhat would the project look like if Ididn't got to abide by X or Y or ittake 3 of your precedent studysolutions and

werehaving lunch together at the ChicagoClub they were mulling over designconcepts for Associate in Nursing office tower and theywere discussing the necessity for a novelapproach for what was to be the tallestbuilding in the world structurally theyagreed that a series of tubes withshared walls was a particularly efficientway to support a awfully tall building butthat approach would also yield a ratherbulky mass as compared with the simplesteel flames in common use at the timeyou grasp it's aforementioned that Graham pausedand looked down at the table at his packof cigarettes and he grabbed a smallbundle of them in his hand and heto push and pull them to differentheights during this moment he realized thatif each tube were staggered verticallyboth their slenderness and theirstructural integrity would be preservedso linking the thought for a skyscraperwith a pack of cigarettes two seeminglyunrelated things provided this novelconcept for the Sears Tower currently byassociation requires unconventionalthinking normally control beliefs andrepetitive thought processes can alwaysyield similar results permutationsrather than mutations variations on atheme instead of some hyper flexiblethought that allows going beyond theexpected solutions learning to byassociate challenges the manner we'retaught to process the globe thoughaccepting conventions and limitationslike the utmost height of a buildingleads to solutions that incrementallyadvance previous successes a moreefficient steel frame ratherthan

the tube thought in the previousexample by association destructspreviously command limitations whilecreating Associate in Nursingd establishing new onesnow beforeKesler there was Graham Wallace in hisrecipe for ability which I especiallylike and accept in his book the art ofthought he outlines four stages ofcreativity preparation incubationillumination and verification theinterplay of these stages betweenconscious and unconscious thought hecontends and that i believe this too is theprocess that enables United States of America to producecreative work thus here's the process hedescribes preparation this stage laysthe groundwork the inspiration for thethinking to follow it collates thequestions seeks to know thecontext and to develop an understandingof the problem in order to focus theefforts of subsequent 3 stages inarchitecture this is able to be likeconducting precedent researchunderstanding the conditions ofdevelopment the partitioning code regulationsand site analysis currently incubation thisstage happens in the unconscious theprevious stage preparation has filledthe mind with all this info toprocess and therefore the period setsthe nous to figure on itdiscovering and forging connections iscentral to the success of the incubationperiod and Wallis really suggests thatworking on multiple problems promptlyactually increases the percentages that theincubation period will be fruitful thisforces the mind far from developing asingular solution into a place whereit's unconsciously work severalbriefs at once and i personally find theincubation period maddening as a result of I'mnervously

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