3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style Text4

3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

Modern Classic. Two words that certainly have different meanings in the world of furniture design. The classic is more directed at the old Greek style which is dominated by the nuances of carvings and more complicated pillars. Whereas modern usually encapsulates more geometric designs and doesn’t use much ornament.

This combination of classic modern style can be the right choice for those of you who like the feel of space that feels spacious, elegant and of course luxurious.

3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style
3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

Do the following 3 simple tips when you will choose furniture and decorations for a room in a classic modern style:

 1. Detail / engraving

Furniture that has elements of unique details such as squares or semicircles and carvings that feel vintage are the right furniture to build a classic modern feel to your space.

  1. Large dimensions and sizes

Choose the main furniture such as sofas, tables to cabinets with large dimensions and sizes or seem to contain. This is useful to add to the classic impression that can be seen from ancient Greek buildings with usually thick compositions.

  1. Material leather

Prioritize leather or leather when you will choose material or material from each furniture. The skin has a texture that is usually soft, smooth and looks shiny and slippery which can add a modern impression to your room. You can choose dark brown or young for a more elegant impression.

Those are 3 easy tips that you can apply to redecorate your room in a more modern and of course classic style. Discover the right choice of furniture and accessories Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style



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use them to decoratethe top of the shelves and now i'm justgonna be cutting the items to fit thetriangular shape of the shelf this will be what it should seem like andthen I created 2 to form it similar tothe table I covered the canvas panelwith Marvel contact paper currently this parthere at the rear where the zip tie is iswhere it's gonna be hanged on the wall Icovered alittle piece with contact paperso I can conceal this open pipes thisis what it's like when you have allof them togetherthis is a motivating manner of turningtears that i'd have thrown away intoa cute table with matching shelves I actually have to mention that i am not a professionalfurniture maker this is just a DIYproject and that i love the manner it turned outthe style also can be altered to suityour vogue i actually hope you guysenjoyed this video and remember to likeit and share it together with your friends andfamily thank you such a lot for watching Ihave alternative videos joined in thedescription box below to examine them outand remember Jada Custom Bedding


3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style Text3

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