3 Easy Steps Your Home Feels Like New

3 Easy Steps Your Home Feels Like New

Beginning in 2019 is the right moment to start new things in your life, including renewing your home with a more fresh and cozy atmosphere. Hassle free and not time consuming, you can start with simple methods. Whatever your chosen interior style, the following 3 activities are very easy and in fact important to do at the beginning of the year.

3 Easy Steps Your Home Feels Like New
3 Easy Steps Your Home Feels Like New
  1. Change Home Decor
    Even though it seems simple, the new decor will change the look of your home and make it look more new in an instant. You can use various variants of Mirror Wall from Informa to bring an elegant touch to your home.
  2. Change Bedding Bedding
    In addition to keeping your bed clean, changing bedding can also make the atmosphere of the room more comfortable. Choose bed linen material that suits your taste and is comfortable and durable to use such as this Fitted Sheet Bedding Made of cotton with a thread density of 320 that is smooth and not easily torn.
  3. Trim items at home
    Start the year with a clean and tidy house. One solution to make your home more organized is to use storage boxes to store items. Adjust the design, model, and size of the storage box to your needs. Find a variety of storage box options

start in 2019 with a home that is increasingly comfortable and warm. Update your home immediately

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3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

Modern Classic. Two words that certainly have different meanings in the world of furniture design. The classic is more directed at the old Greek style which is dominated by the nuances of carvings and more complicated pillars. Whereas modern usually encapsulates more geometric designs and doesn’t use much ornament.

This combination of classic modern style can be the right choice for those of you who like the feel of space that feels spacious, elegant and of course luxurious.

3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style
3 Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

Do the following 3 simple tips when you will choose furniture and decorations for a room in a classic modern style:

 1. Detail / engraving

Furniture that has elements of unique details such as squares or semicircles and carvings that feel vintage are the right furniture to build a classic modern feel to your space.

  1. Large dimensions and sizes

Choose the main furniture such as sofas, tables to cabinets with large dimensions and sizes or seem to contain. This is useful to add to the classic impression that can be seen from ancient Greek buildings with usually thick compositions.

  1. Material leather

Prioritize leather or leather when you will choose material or material from each furniture. The skin has a texture that is usually soft, smooth and looks shiny and slippery which can add a modern impression to your room. You can choose dark brown or young for a more elegant impression.

Those are 3 easy tips that you can apply to redecorate your room in a more modern and of course classic style. Discover the right choice of furniture and accessories Tips for Feeling a Room in a Classical Modern Style

Scandinavian Style For Homes Feels Wider

4 Scandinavian Style For Homes Feels Wider

Scandinavian style has long been known as a modern interior look but still looks warm. From chairs to decorations, all are designed in such a way as to take advantage of existing space and make it look wider. Scandinavian nuance is suitable for urban residents who have limited space and are looking for minimalist furniture and home accessories. Here are some tips for applying Scandinavian style:

Scandinavian Style For Homes Feels Wider
Scandinavian Style For Homes Feels Wider
  1. A blend of Monochrome and Pastel Colors
    The main color choices for Scandinavian-style interiors are monochrome (black, white, gray) and soft pastel colors. These colors give a modern look that is not rigid and brightens the atmosphere of space. In addition, the layout looks neater and cleaner.

 2. Wood Furniture Legs
Wood material is chosen because it gives a warm natural touch to the look of the house. Wood is also strong to support loads and last long without special care. Choose furniture with slender wooden legs to give a broad illusion of space.

 3. Minimalist Furniture with Fabric Materials
The combination of modern minimalist furniture design with fabric (fabric) material creates a homey impression on your space. Soft fabric material on the skin gives comfort while the minimalist form that saves space makes your house look more spacious than before.

 4. Decoration of Natural Elements
The dominant color in Scandinavian style is indeed soft colors like white and cream. But, don’t hesitate to add bright colors with natural decoration. The existence of paintings, plants, and other decorations with natural themes make the space in your home more lively.

It turns out it’s easy to apply a minimalist and fresh Scandinavian style to your home. A wide selection of furniture and home accessories 4 Scandinavian style for homes feels wider